Red Light Enforcement
The Red Light Camera System permits the monitoring of red light using the latest technological developments from the pioneers of camera enforcement.

The unit fully adresses the precise demands of both Police and Municipal Authorities alike. The essential features of an effective and rational system have been created following a close cooperation with the end users.
The unit is characterized above all by its easy and user-friendly handling, its completely automatic and microprocessor driven and controlled operation method, its weatherproof operation by means of a high performance cooling and heating system for outside temperatures from -20° up to +60°C as well as by its monitoring of several lanes with different traffic light signal groups.

Further the unit is adaptable to the most distinct measuring sites and local conditions, it is universally applicable for front or rear photography and disposes of an optimal exposure because of its aperture control and separately adjustable flash output for the first and second picture.


The system records all vehicles crossing the stop line during the red phase of a traffic light. It is connected to the control unit of the traffic light and activated during the red light time.

The triggering of the unit is achieved by means of one, two or three pairs of induction loops, depending on the number of traffic lanes. The loops are embedded in the road surface near the stop line.
The Red Light Camera System consists of a fixed weatherproof outer housing and a slide-in inner housing with photo unit, control unit and panel, loop detector and flash system.

The entire inner housing can be easily removed from the outer housing without unplugging cables. Only one inner housing is generally necessary for the concentrated monitoring of different intersections.

If an identification of the driver is desired, the unit can be installed so that it takes frontal photographs of the vehicle and driver.

The red-light unit can also be configured act as a speed enforcement system when the traffic light is green (Speed on Green).