Speed Enforcement
Stationary Speed Enforcement

The Speed Enforcement System permits the monitoring of dangerous and hard to get locations where accidents are caused by vehicles driving at excessive speeds. When connected to a data network, an operator can access the unit remotely to control/monitor it's status.

The triggering of the unit is achieved by means of one, two or three pairs of induction loops, depending on the number of traffic lanes. The loops are embedded in the road surface at a precise location.
The system measures the speed of every vehicle which passes over the induction loops and stores the information for future analysis.


The Stationary Speed System consists of a fixed weatherproof outer housing and a slide-in inner housing with photo unit, control unit and panel, loop detector and flash system.

The entire inner housing can be easily removed from the outer housing without unplugging cables. Only one inner housing is generally necessary for the concentrated monitoring of different locations.

If an identification of the driver is desired, the unit can be installed so that it takes frontal photographs of the vehicle and driver.

Inner Housing
Mobile Speed Enforcement

By means of the distance measuring radar sensor, the speed is allocated without a doubt to a specific vehicle on multi-lane roads. In case of a speed infringement, the 11 megapixel digital camera technology guarantees crystal clear execution of the photo command over several traffic lanes. The high performance processor processes the images that the camera provides, which the clear monitor immediately renders visible. Its readily understandable menu guidance also serves for rapid configuration of the parameters relevant to the measuring site. Together with the images, all the data relevant for measurement such as the date and time, speed and image number are saved. The tried and trusted ROBOT flash technology serves for use at night and for driver recognition.

In developing the MultaRadar CM/CD, ROBOT has also attached great importance to adequate protection of the high-tech components. The extremely robust and compact unit is designed to be impermeable to water and dust. The MultaRadar CM/CD is ready for use in a few minutes as a tripod unit at the roadside. Furthermore, it can be installed as a front or rear unit in vehicles.

Radar Sensor Technology

The compact construction, robust technology and low energy requirements of the ROBOT radar sensors is the optimum solution for flexible use on the road. With the combination of the Doppler effect and distance measurement, the infringement on multiple-lane roads can be unambiguously allocated to a road user.