Traffic Enforcement
Stationary speed measurement and red light monitoring

A decrease in the number of accident victims every year confirm the efficiency of all preventive measures in road traffic. One of the most effective measures of all is prevention through stationary red light monitoring and speed measurement stations at danger spots and traffic junctions.
Experience has shown that the presence of the housing and occasional measurements are enough to achieve a high efficiency. This means that it may be sensible to operate several stationary systems in alternation with one measuring unit.


- Drastic accident reduction at danger spots through constant presence

- Modular design allows the operation of several hosings with one measuring unit

- Change locations with no wiring

- Fully automatic mode of operation

- Tamper-proof results

Mobile speed control systems

Prevention in traffic safety helps everyone. It averts accidents. Restrictions and speed limits are just as necessary here as the monitoring and enforcement of these regulations.

Mobile, radar-assisted systems allow the necessary blanket monitoring with spot checks. The devices in our MULTANOVA series have been world-leaders for many years. They are easy to use and ensure a watertight identification of the offender - with automatic or normal triggering from a car, tripod or portable cabinet.


- Unlimited mobile use

- Variety of different applications (tripod, vehicles, cabinet)

- Measurement of departing and approaching traffic

- Automatic photo operation

- Colour or b&W camera

- Various flash technologies