Advanced Road Weather Information System
An Advanced Road Weather Information System (ARWIS) consists of multiple sites, each containing various meteorological sensors collecting weather information, such as ambient temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind speed/direction, solar radiation, precipitation, visibility are being reported to a central location for an up-to-date viewing of incoming data.
Road state information is being collected through an Intelligent Road Sensor (IRS) capable of measuring surface as well as sub-surface temperatures, snow, ice and water film height. Chemical concentration and freezing temperature is obtained as a direct output of this sensor.
All sensors connect to a remote processing unit (RPU), installed in close proximity to the roadway. A Server polls each ARWIS at a predetermined interval or on a "change on event" based algorithm. The Server collects and stores the data and uploads the same to an Internet based user interface. Road maintenance crews access the latest information through a standard Internet browser.
The LUFFT ARWIS system is based on an open system architecture and a modular concept, permitting the connection of a wide selection of industrial sensors available on the market today.