Portable Wheel Load Scales
Low Profile
Thanks to the low profile of 17mm and the large active surface, any vehicle can be easily weighed in a very short time.
Ultra light weight
The scale weighs only 16kg, therefore little strain on your back muscles.
Weighing without stopping
Pre-selection with dynamic scales.
Immediately ready to use
A minimum system is ready to be used within one minute, a maximum configuration is ready within five minutes.
International approvals
Approved for weight enforcement in more then 50 countries. Certified by the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML).
Networking (electronic scales)
Thanks to a common interface the weighing results can be exported to any computer and printed on site.
Light as a butterfly but built for an elephant.
HAENNI Wheel Load Scales Inc., Manufacturer of Portable Wheel Load Scales since 1975, is proud to have sold over 30,000 units to the Law Enforcement Community worldwide.
Law Enforcement Agencies as well as private Corporations in Canadian Provinces are deploying over 1000 HAENNI Wheel Load Scales on a daily basis.
HAENNI wrote THE BOOK on portable weighing.

O-9001 Certified
When it comes to portable weighing, only one product comes to mind. HAENNI Low Profile Wheel Load Scales are the most accurate, thinest, lightest and most durable scales available.