Optimum efficiency of the snow fence is achieved using the following formula:

Distance to road = overall height of snow fence x 10
1.  A base plate is hammered in at intervals of 4 to 6 m. We recommend using our standard winch.

2.  The relatively lightweight pegs are completely hammered in and the tension cables are inserted with the clamping devices at distances of approx. 2m left and right of the base plates. The 2m distances can be extended or shortened at any time by means of the reclamping devices available if rock is hit when the pegs are hammered in.
3.   The snow fence matting is rolled out in a comfortable upright posture for the installer.
4.  Place the integrated support posts onto the base plates and insert the cables at the top of the base plates, together with the cable guide metal plates.
5.  Anchor the complete cluster by means of the cable tighteners. This task is significantly facilitated by using pliers.

It is always possible to install several snow fence clusters in a continuous row.

Installation complete!
The snow fence is ready to challenge winter!
1.   Detach and unhook the tension cables.
2.  Flatten the snow fence matting and pull out the pegs and the base plates. The peg extractor is very helpful for this procedure.
3.  Roll up the snow fence matting with the integrated posts it's easiest to do this when using our matting winding device.