Snow Fence
Beilharz snow fences feature many benefits which have made them Germany's top selling snow fences. They are easily set up and demounted, their optimal mesh geometry assures excellent snow deposition and their storage space requirements are minimal.
The mesh of the Beilharz Snow Fences is made of a UV and weather-resistant polyethylene fabric. The network-type geometry guarantees optimum deposits on the one hand and 50% wind permeability on the other hand.
  Snow Fence Brochure (PDF)
The snow fence are delivered on handy rolls, meaning simple transportation and cost-effective storage.

The minimum setup length is the length of one roll. However, several rolls may easily be connected to produce a snow fence of any desired length. At the joint, the cables are attached and thightned in such a way that each section may be individually tensionned.
The tensioning cables are tightened with a patented cable winding device. Retightening is therefor as easy and does not involve time-consuming searches for pegs hidden away in the deep snow.
Longitudinal anchoring is made by means of hot-galvanized steel cables with a diameter of 4 mm integrated at the top and the bottom. This allows the matting to be kept completely tension-free so that it can fulfill its shoring-up function optimally.